Aplicor: Cost-effective Business Management Software for Medical Distribution

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Aplicor: Cost-effective Business Management Software for Medical Distribution

CIO VendorDon McKinney, CEO
Many pharmaceutical organizations rely on technology to handle a major portion of their operations today. From supplying medical devices to keeping track of inventory, technology has transformed the way these organizations function. However, many enterprises today continue to utilize outdated management systems as new and advanced products are expensive. This scenario has led enterprises to search for viable technology partners that can help them thrive in a highly competitive environment. At this juncture, a Boca Raton, FL-based company, APLICOR supports medical distributors by delivering cost-effective business software. The company provides Aplicor which includes Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Ecommerce in a single solution.

APLICOR, which began its operations in CRM space eight years ago, today, stands as one of the major suppliers of affordable business software that helps distributors across different verticals such as medical, food and beverages, soft good and other wholesale distributors simplify their operations. Having extensive experience across these verticals Don McKinney, CEO, APLICOR says, “The organizations’ cost structures are very low and the technology partners charge more and more. The organizations spend huge amount of money to manage different systems.” APLICOR delivers a combined solution that integrates ERP, CRM, and Ecommerce in a single system to businesses at a cooperatively lower price. “We operate at a lower cost and we have a very simple pricing model that allows a person to understand what exactly the services are going to cost,” adds McKinney. The company maintains a single database for each customer while utilizing a single interface to access the data. This enables security, ability to customize and faster process from order to delivery of the medical or pharmaceutical devices such as syringes, stethoscopes, and other equipments.

The company’s flagship product, Aplicor Medical Distribution system is a cloud-based business management solution that provides end-to-end visibility to the organization, customer and suppliers from sales to inventory management.

We provide complete view of supply chain to enable customers to track medical devices when they receive them

“We provide complete view of supply chain to enable customers to track medical devices and when they can receive them,” says McKinney, “they can also check for side effects and complaints in the devices.” In addition, medical device distribution specific functionality such as pedigree tracking on inventory is standard in the application. Aplicor integrates with core business systems standardizing processes and speeds up time to revenue. Additionally, it allows warehouse and operation managers to easily track shipment process and returns through its built-in management systems. Aplicor also automatically generates invoices once the medical equipments have been shipped. Moreover, the system enables sales department to easily keep track of millions of customers and increase customer satisfaction. It enables organizations to understand which products are getting sold the most and the least by its detailed sales reporting feature. The enterprises can identify the products that are more profitable and they can also assess their sales personnel. “This kind of knowledge empowers managers to manage products efficiently,” says McKinney.

APLICOR also helps value added resellers to handle additional vertical specific functionality according to their convenience by customizing the software. “Anyone who works on software and supplies system solution can take their software piece and build it in our software which operates in a native mode,” says McKinney. The company also makes sure that the customers and value added resellers clearly understand all the training processes that are associated with using products and their maintenance by checking them before each product implementation process begins. APLICOR helps customers to adapt to the regulatory changes made by the government by upgrading their systems.

In the days to come, APLICOR intends to expand geographically and begin their operations worldwide. “We have hired direct sales personnel to begin deployments with resellers in other countries in the future,” concludes McKinney.
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