EtQ: Fostering Operational Excellence in Life Sciences

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EtQ: Fostering Operational Excellence in Life Sciences

CIO VendorMorgan Palmer, CTO Nestling in the heart of Farmingdale, NY, are many single-track surprises yoked in the web of trails. While peddling through the dense, mountainous terrain one is required to strategize prudently and evaluate the best tracks in the maze of seemingly endless paths. With a dash of adrenaline and big dollop of fun, Morgan Palmer expresses that just like mountain biking, steering EtQ requires the same level of perseverance and patience to define a game plan. “This is applicable even in the life sciences arena. By finding the right trail and equipment to automate business processes effectually, we are purpose-built to create a perfect blend of centralized and consolidated work flows,” affirms Palmer, CTO, EtQ. With over two decades of experience in enterprise software applications and compliance management, EtQ proffers a flexible platform that enables organizations to configure processes for compliance management. This includes compliance handling, non-conformities, corrective actions, document management, training, and change management.

Connecting Business Systems to Compliance

In an era where complexity of businesses extends to a more global scope—involving multiple business systems and the supply chain, EtQ has achieved visibility through several ways including integration and through supply chain processes. Recognizing that a firm has multiple business systems that drive operational excellence and compliance, EtQ provides one of the most robust integration solutions to connect other business systems to compliance, positioning themselves as a ‘compliance hub’ for organizations.

Whereas, with regard to achieving visibility through supply chain, Palmer asserts that companies in the life science sector often need to involve the supply chain and external stakeholders in the process. However, they cannot afford to allow them into their internal system to access the information. Recognizing this need, the firm developed the Reliance Cloud Portal—a cloud based solution that enables organizations to sync internal information with a secured portal. Here, only the relevant information is securely transferred to the portal and suppliers are able to participate in the compliance process, without having complete access to the entire solution. “This provides a simple, yet effective means to extend their compliance management process to the supply chain, without incurring risks traditionally associated with supplier compliance management,” explains Palmer.

Another trend in the life science sector is that companies today are also looking for ways to consolidate and disseminate data as well as provide a seamless “story of compliance” across the enterprise. Understanding this need, the firm’s ETQ Reliance compliance management software provides a seamless, integrated solution that helps manage compliance with over 20 interconnected configurable modules to provide a global view of the processes. EtQ has built robust reporting and analytics within their solution that helps filter the data and uncover trends to continuously improve operations.
“Our solution seamlessly pushes and pulls information, eliminating manual entry and potential data entry errors, providing a tree hub for all the areas that needs to be impacted by the compliance management processes that are mission critical to the business,” says Palmer.

The platform also comprises of a flexible workflow solution that helps organizations to automate business processes related to compliance. Additionally, the software proffers a framework for event correction— collective and preventive action, risk assessment, action planning, and investigation. In a nutshell, ETQ Reliance is an end-to-end compliance solution that provides a centralized, harmonized platform for identifying, mitigating, and preventing high-risk event through automation, integration, and collaboration.

For today’s enterprises, where implementing technologically advanced software is a key determinant of their success, EtQ is committed to make business processes easier and enable customers to efficiently adapt to changing industry requirements. Additionally, the firm maintains an up to date compatibility with leading industry standards, software technologies, and commercial software products.

Achieving a Single Source of Truth

The nexus of forces advancing in the technology landscape drives companies to adhere to regulatory requirements set forth by agencies and governing bodies. EtQ helps organizations embrace the ongoing technology trends and meet regulatory requirements by improving operations, remain complaint, and` pass any audit or inquiry. The company’s solution is also built with advanced reporting and historical record traits, so that customers have the relevant information that can be readily tracked, signed, and viewed while complying to regulatory mandates set by the agencies.

EtQ’s software is built to assure its users the control and visibility to gain transparency in the processes.

Excellence through Quality (EtQ) is not only a name but a vision for businesses and customers

In a particular instance, one of EtQ’s global clients was suffering from the complexity of dealing with many overlapping business systems that needed consolidation. To help them streamline business processes, and achieve ‘a single source of truth’ with respect to quality, safety, and compliance, EtQ combined and organized their compliance processes. The company also offered the client a true compliance hub—that served as a repository for their data. As a result, the customer was able to reduce the number of business systems from over 500 down to just one, with EtQ Reliance. This allowed the client to operate in a lean capacity, and design a single, holistic solution for compliance management.

EtQ’s solutions and technology are built keeping in mind the customers’ needs for improvement of their business and operations. “Through this core business strategy, our customers have been able to reap true business value and rewards,” says Palmer. Focused on customer satisfaction, EtQ’s solution is not only designed keeping in mind the best practices, but also to make it a user-configurable platform.

Furthermore, the company also vests its attention completely in the development of solutions that not only caters to customers’ and industry needs but also helps foster innovation. This adds credence to EtQ’s leadership in building technology solutions that are at the leading edge of market needs; years ahead of other vendors.

A Goal Oriented Approach

The success of the company stands as a testament to its immense fervour to automate business processes coherently.
Once, a pharmaceutical company was keen on improving their control and visibility on global regulatory changes. The client was following a less streamlined and time consuming process that greatly hampered their ability to produce new products, remediate existing ones, and keep up with the pace of the growing business. “Our solution, EtQ Reliance helped the client streamline processes. Through our workflow-based routing and seamless integration, the firm was able to keep pace with large portion of their processes,” mentions Palmer. The solution also helped the client keep up with the market pace and consumer demand. Since the product was natively configurable and regulatory compliant, the client was able to keep up with the pace of the business and achieve compliance—in one system.

A Quest to Augment Solutions

Embracing the ardour and passion to create high-end technology that controls risk events in organizations, EtQ helps companies stay abreast of regulatory requirements while producing safe and effective products for customers. “Excellence through Quality (EtQ) is not only a name, but a vision for businesses and customers. Through good compliance and quality practices, companies can achieve a certain level of excellence with our enterprise solutions. Our plan is diverse and follows a goal to innovate,” says Palmer.

"EtQ is committed to make business processes easier and enable customers to efficiently adapt to changing industry requirements"

The company is determined to explore the market by modifying and customizing its solution stack as per customer needs and changing market demands. “Additionally, we will proceed with our unique cloud portal to offer clients the ability to collaborate with suppliers and external parties,” asserts Palmer.

Moreover than this, EtQ is constantly enhancing its product offering to attract all market segments within compliance. The recent merging of EtQ with VERSE solutions is one example. “VERSE Solutions is a true SaaS mid-market solution for compliance management, one that provides users with a robust platform at a more affordable price point. We’ve added this product to provide our customer base with more options to starting their compliance journey.” In addition, EtQ has redefined the market with a new offering, called traqpath. Traqpath is a free compliance event and Corrective Action application that enables companies to automate their compliance solution, on mobile or web. “Traqpath is truly revolutionary in that we are offering compliance solutions for free, to the entire market. This concept follows the lead of major Freemium solutions in other markets, and take compliance to the next level. With traqpath, VERSE and EtQ Reliance, you have three distinct products that cover all market segments and vertical niches. With EtQ, you can find the perfect solution that meets your needs—all using the same robust compliance platform.”

Envisioning its future to uncover new prospects and implementations, the firm is advancing the concept of building an Internet of Things (IoT) platform to aid collection, retention, and dissemination of data. “We strive to make the overall quality of operations superior. For the road ahead, EtQ is on its quest to augment the solutions to be a data-centric hub that truly serves as a central point to make all the enterprise data, compliance data,” he concludes.
- Aishwarya Kannan
    February 02, 2016
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