Infionic: Providing Sustainable Business Control

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Infionic: Providing Sustainable Business Control

CIO VendorSubramanyam S. P., Founder & CEO
In midst of all the developments that have been taking place in the pharmaceutical space, a number of challenges still persist within the area of enterprise software. One of the biggest issues that majority of CIOs of pharma companies face today is achieving data integrity. Issues concerning data quality of an end product and synchronization of its information across various departments within an enterprise framework have driven the regulators to ensure if the organizations are actually managing data integrity. According to Subramanyam S.P. (Subbu), Founder and CEO of Infionic, data integrity and quality can be achieved only if the three major components in an organization—man, machine, and material are brought onto a singular platform, in order to assure accuracy in manufacturing and data quality. This unveils another challenge—maintaining a cost effective and efficient system so that the regulators can view the data in an integral fashion.

Infionic Inc., headquartered in New York, NY, specializes in connecting information across an enterprise for simpler access and faster decisions. With its intellectuality honed around domain expertise, usability of tools, affordability, and various costing models, Infionic assists organizations to improve their operational margins in a better manner. “We provide an integrated platform which ensures that the three main aspects of the business are combined with the help of a highly practical and efficient system,” explains Subbu. Additionally, the firm enables customers to embrace the ongoing trend of automating processes and workflows with its electronic batch manufacturing record solution. The electronic batch manufacturing record software can seamlessly pull data that exist in any form from automated machinery using relevant parameters to make electronic batch manufacturing records management (eBMR) more accurate.

Infionic strives to empower its pharma customers to easily implement its enterprise software to cater to all their business processes ranging from drug conceptualization to market deployment.

We provide an integrated platform which ensures that the three main aspects of the business—man, machine, and material—are combined with the help of a highly practical and efficient system

A pharmaceutical company’s research and development (R&D) emphasizes mostly on project management, portfolio management, and the ability to integrate various functional and project themes. The later part of the drug development lifecycle involves commercial and manufacturing operations and domains where a lot of ERP and sales components come into the picture. By providing an integrated tool which offers project management, ERP, CRM, and HRM, Infionic deftly handles the entire product development and implementation lifecycle, providing a holistic view of the product development and cost.

The firm has assisted a number of organizations in providing better visibility into their margins and understanding enterprise operations. A leading pharmaceutical company from India wanted to improve their R&D portfolio and project management process. However, their entire portfolio status report was time-consuming and took nearly a month to generate reports. Infionic installed its own project, program and portfolio management tool, bringing the clients’ processes on a standard platform and helping them view the data in an integrated way. As a result, the customer was able to generate a portfolio status report at the click of a button and achieve benefits like data point coordination and significant reduction of efforts invested in handling and managing processes.

After helping numerous clients with lucrative outcomes, Subbu believes Infionic is en route to accomplish its goals. “One of the major things is geographic expansion in the South-East Asia, larger parts of United States, and Europe,” he adds. The firm is set to provide selected offerings on the SaaS model for electronically batch manufacturing apart from independent modules on the cloud. “These are all the key things that constitute our roadmap for the next two years,” summarizes Subbu.
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