LZ Lifescience: Sophisticated Solutions for Dynamic Manufacturing Processes

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LZ Lifescience: Sophisticated Solutions for Dynamic Manufacturing Processes

CIO VendorChristian Fortunel, Vice President
The pharmaceutical industry in today’s aggressive market environment is driving toward innovation with updated enterprise software solutions. However, while implementing these solutions, companies confront many challenges such as lower production volume, inefficient or non-compliant manufacturing processes, complexities of paper-based data formats that are error prone, and inflexible and high cost manufacturing solutions. LZ Lifescience addresses these impediments through its updated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution that provides a productive manufacturing and operations environment to its clients.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, LZ Lifescience keeps track of manufacturing operations and records effectively through its MES software, Shopfloor-Online® Lifescience Edition. This solution enables clients to easily design automated processes based on their requirements and eliminate deviations caused by manual processes with paper-based data formats. “Our MES solution provides an updated manufacturing infrastructure and all the necessary work instructions that are to be followed by operators to create high quality products,” states Christian Fortunel, Vice President, LZ Lifescience.

To facilitate data storage in electronic formats, LZ Lifescience offers electronic batch records (EBR) which ensure that the data is stored in digital formats by collecting information in real-time through regular desktops, mobile devices or through automated data collection interfaces. As a consequence, various manufacturing operations can easily be monitored—making sure that process execution meets pre-defined standards for quality. This results in increased manufacturing efficiency with the state of available resources and material batches known at all time. At the end of the day, the manufacturing ability of clients is enhanced since LZ Lifescience’s software effectively tracks the state of operations, including deviations as they occur in real-time so that they can quickly be addressed.

The company’s EBR software enables clients to integrate with all systems that make up the manufacturing IT landscape, such as ERP, LIMS, CAPA or automation, to effectively create a “GMP System of Record.”
This instant visibility to GMP data and deviations help the operations and quality departments focus on making products “Right the First Time” while optimizing manufacturing operations to improve throughput and compliance. “Our MES solutions help clients check whether their data and manufacturing processes meet regulatory demands, thus improving the process efficiency as well as performance,” says Fortunel.

Our MES solutions help clients check whether their data and manufacturing processes meet regulatory demands, thus improving the process efficiency as well as performance

LZ Lifescience offers its MES solution at a previously unseen level of affordability and is able to deploy it in a short amount of time that minimizes the disruption on client operations. For instance, a pharmaceutical organization was experiencing difficulties in bringing down the cost of production and being in compliance. It intended on collecting accurate data to understand the root causes of inefficiencies and using MES to better control its manufacturing processes. After implementing the Shopfloor-Online® Lifescience Edition, the client increased performance and reduced process and documentation deviations since its solution eliminated errors in collecting and recording information, provided real-time visibility to activities on the floor, eliminated some product waste and reduced labor costs. “We enabled the client to attain its manufacturing objectives by simplifying the complex manufacturing processes at minimum costs and achieving a profitable manufacturing performance,” claims Fortunel.

For the future, the company is continuing to focus on tools that reduce the cost of deploying its solution and adding features needed to support new manufacturing processes, such as individualized medicine, continuous manufacturing and/ or single-use containers. The aim is to make these solutions productive enough to support any kind of manufacturing environment and enable firms to focus on developing efficient manufacturing processes. The goal is to make MES as transparent as possible, so it becomes an integral part of the IT landscape and established way of conducting business. “We are extending our reach in the U.S. and all over the world through facilitating flexible manufacturing systems with more secure and reliable pharmaceutical solutions,” concludes Fortunel.
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