Amplicare: Simplifying Pharmacy Workflow through a Unified Platform

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Amplicare: Simplifying Pharmacy Workflow through a Unified Platform

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Matthew Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO, AmplicareMatthew Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO
In the healthcare space, today, pharmacists play a vital role in the procurement and distribution of medical products along with providing cost-effective and quality care. However, they often find it challenging to maintain the balance between performing their role efficiently and managing the business. The integration of solutions into their workflow at all levels is also a significant concern. And, for pharmacists who would rather focus their attention on patients, the use of various platforms is time-consuming and not an economical option either. To address these concerns, New York-based Amplicare helps in simplifying the workflow of pharmacies so that they can invest more time catering to patients while enhancing their business growth. “Our platform provides data to help pharmacies streamline their workflows and ultimately take actions that positively affect patients and the business,” states Matthew Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Amplicare.

With the relevance of data and personalization being crucial to healthcare delivery, customers demand information and service that is pertinent to their requirements. There is also an increase in investments in technology and a need to have easy access to actionable data in workflow, especially given the expanding clinical scope of pharmacists and the challenge of improving performance measures amidst waning margins. Amplicare’s unique platform enables pharmacists to personalize the care offered to patients, whether through health recommendations or automated communication. As an all-in-one solution, the platform offers a single dashboard that helps pharmacies to streamline workflows, generate both prescription and non-prescription revenue, and deliver proactive patient care.
It provides crucial clinical data to pharmacies, which helps them align their operations and perform functions to benefit both patients and their businesses. The platform integrates with all available pharmacy management systems and uses intelligent algorithms to deliver in-workflow notifications. It helps pharmacists conduct comprehensive Medicare plan comparisons in accordance with the medications patients are on and enables better consultation services by notifying the pharmacists about clinical opportunities when patients come in to refill their prescriptions. It also allows them to suggest supplements to avoid side effects and improve medication adherence. Furthermore, patients can receive educational materials in the event of time constraint for consultations. From the perspective of business enhancement, the platform also provides information on factors that can affect the pharmacy’s performance measures and offers recommendations to help improve them.

Amplicare’s swift plan comparison tool also provides benefits for Medicare and Medicaid patients. For instance, one pharmacy found that during Open Enrollment, 49 out of 54 patients saved an average of $1,166 per year when they switched to less expensive plans after a plan comparison using this application. This helped with patient retention and also provided patients with an estimated cost related to their medical plans.

Amplicare holds its clients at the core and upholds the approach of making things convenient and enhancing the well-being of patients. Its CMS-approved Patient Engagement Portal helps patients analyze their Medicare plans and enroll from home, with relevant drug information preloaded. The company is also very strategic about its partnerships to create more opportunities for pharmacies, particularly in emerging spaces such as the CBD market and e-Care. With its customer-centric outlook, Amplicare is powering ahead to achieve the staggering goal of impacting the lives of one billion patients measurably and expanding beyond the bounds of the United States. “We also look forward to improving the comprehensiveness of our pharmacy solution through continuous integrations with other platforms and partners. It’s a win-win for our customers: we help them improve patient care, which in turn helps their business,” concludes Johnson.
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Broadway, NY

Matthew Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO

Amplicare provides a revolutionary decision-automation platform that impacts the enterprise software implemented in pharmacies. The company intelligently creates opportunities for pharmacies and healthcare providers to improve and enhance the patient care. The offerings of the organization are very efficacious and cost-effective. The company has thousands of pharmacy subscribers and it helps to retain patients, improve the performance of pharmacies, expand revenue inputs, and enhances communications with patients to provide the best care to them as well. The company also brings in the aspect of personalization and relevance in the way of their patient approach and also helps reduce the investments and generate more profit for its clients