Elemental Machines: Harnessing the Power of IoT, AI, and Predictive Analytics in...

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Elemental Machines: Harnessing the Power of IoT, AI, and Predictive Analytics in Pharma, R&D and Manufacturing

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Sridhar Iyengar, CEO and Founder, Elemental MachineSridhar Iyengar, CEO and Founder
When Sridhar Iyengar founded his first startup, AgaMatrix, to develop blood glucose monitoring devices, he witnessed how troublesome it was to deliver products with the required accuracy and physical precision. Unfortunately, AgaMatrix was not the only one! Almost every manufacturer in the pharma industry struggled to ensure the optimum quality of their products. The reason behind such inefficiency was the aggregate effect of small variations across myriad process parameters such as temperature, humidity, machine usage, air quality, etc.

To mitigate this, Iyengar measured many physical parameters within the manufacturing environment, integrated the data, and leveraged his tremendous expertise in analytics to develop predictive algorithms. Finally, AgaMatrix overcame all the challenges and emerged as a trusted developer of best in class medical devices. This drove Iyenger to take this value proposition across the globe. As such, he set the foundation of Elemental Machines that develops a state-of-the-art platform to help bio-pharma companies be more resilient, responsive, and efficient by detecting and identifying process problems in research and manufacturing. Elemental’s core technology is based on the right combination of predictive analytics and sensor technology, which was inspired by his second startup, Misfit Wearables, which made sensorbased consumer wellness devices.

“By coupling AI-based analytics with a powerful sensor network to gather data that was heretofore not even measured, we’ve been able to extract insights affecting critical processes that often go unnoticed until it’s too late,” says Iyengar, the founder/CEO of Elemental Machines. The battery-powered sensors can be installed in 60 seconds and collect data from a wide array of industrial and scientific equipment, including freezers, incubators, balances, PLCs, and building infrastructure including HVAC systems.

We couple AI-based analytics with powerful sensor networks to gather data that was heretofore not even measured to extract insights affecting critical processes

With a powerful cloud-connected dashboard, the company enables biotech and pharma companies to essentially “debug” their manufacturing and R&D processes and make faster decisions, optimize protocols and workflows, and increase efficiencies.

In addition to such a unique value proposition, what makes Elemental the most sought-after partner for the pharma industry is its products’ seamless integration capabilities. Clients can easily connect their existing instruments and equipment directly to the cloud using IoT technology while integrating data with ELNs, LIMs, ERP systems, and Building Management Systems via APIs.

Honing such capabilities, Elemental has enabled a plethora of clients to optimize a wide array of critical processes. To elaborate, Iyengar highlights an instance when one of his clients was facing severe challenges to make a high-throughput process seamless owing to frequent machine failures, costing upwards of several million dollars a year. To address these challenges, Elemental “sensored up” the failure-prone machine, measured multiple parameters, and designed a solution based on machine learning that was able to detect and predict those failures. The key was not simply better analytics, but actually measuring those parameters that were not being measured at all prior to Elemental’s involvement.

With many similar success stories, Elemental is playing a pivotal role in streamlining life science manufacturing and R&D. However, the recent COVID-19 outbreak has introduced a significant change in the pharma industry, with a majority of people working remotely. As a part of the industry’s adaption toward the new paradigm, enterprises are operating with reduced staff, which in fact, has increased the demand for Elemental’s platform, especially for remote and virtual data collection. “We are constantly working on enhancing the capabilities of our solution to serve clients better and make a huge impact in the industry,” concludes Iyengar.
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Elemental Machine

Cambridge, MA

Sridhar Iyengar, CEO and Founder

Develops an AI-powered sensor platform to make life-sciences enterprises more resilient, responsive, and efficient

Elemental Machine