ExtraView Corporation: Single Database Enterprise Software Solutions

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ExtraView Corporation: Single Database Enterprise Software Solutions

CIO VendorCarl Koppel, CEO & Founder
In today’s competitive market, CIOs require a cost effective and innovative set of solutions for efficiently managing a business organization. Enterprise software platforms have undergone considerable changes over the last few years. Trends like big data, mobile, analytics, social media and the Internet of Things (IoT) are largely influencing the product ecosystem. Additionally, the solutions incorporating these trends need to stay compliant with evolving Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations. In this scenario, the C-suite executives are looking for enterprise applications that provide a high level of functionality, yet more straightforward for users, require minimal maintenance, reliable, and easy to install and upgrade. Keeping the current situation of enterprise software in mind, the team at ExtraView Corporation delivers web-based solutions to tackle the increasing convolution of software. When Carl Koppel, CEO and Founder, ExtraView Corporation, remarks, “A good deal of experience helps us build an easily configurable enterprise software platform that tracks the myriad of issues found in all organizations;” one is instantly reminded of the old adage that “experience is the best teacher.” The company’s expertise helps them understand the needs of customers better while developing their product.

Koppel further expands, “We develop just one product in our company.” The ExtraView platform assists clients in various domains like pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices to automate business processes, track and manage issues—all within a framework that provides regulatory compliance. The ExtraView platform allows for the consolidation of multiple applications into a central management system that can be configured to handle an entire host of business issues. ExtraView Corporation’s product is flexible, and the features are quickly and economically configured according to clients’ requirements. With ExtraView, enterprises can counter multiple problems like quality issues, customer complaints, and product information with a centralized database—making it easy for users to share data between different solutions or applications.

With ExtraView, enterprises can counter multiple problems like quality issues, customer complaints, and product information with a centralized database

One of the factors that set ExtraView Corporation apart from the competitors is their ability to provide a cost efficient and easily constructible framework to handle complex workflows. “We focus on the quality and the technology behindour products,” states Koppel. The platform also addresses enterprise reporting, enabling organizations to not depend on IT for reporting on data—the ExtraView platform is highly valuable for sophisticated reporting purposes.

Over the years, the ExtraView platform has benefitted numerous pharmaceutical companies—both large and small. In one instance, a large pharmaceutical company worked with high volumes of clinical data and metadata. Subsequently, ExtraView provided control over the data, while also enabling the client to report on that data. Other pharmaceutical companies have implemented quality management solutions such as adverse event reporting, CAPA, root cause analysis, compliance reporting and more.

Moving forward, the company plans to continue improving its products so that customers can add more value to their business. They intend to further invest on enhancing sophisticated reporting as an end user tool, as opposed to organizations relying on the IT team. ExtraView Corporation recently delved into making the solutions mobile and ensures smooth functioning of the products across multifarious platforms like desktop, tablets, and smartphones. A key strategy of ExtraView Corporation has been to make it easy for customers to integrate existing enterprise software solutions with the ExtraView platform.
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