IDBS: Cloud-Based R&D Data Management

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IDBS: Cloud-Based R&D Data Management

CIO VendorPaul Denny-Gouldson, VP, Strategic Solutions
Pharmaceutical organizations are burgeoning with copious amounts of structured and unstructured data gathered from years of research, discovery and development, and clinical trials. Stored in silos across an organization, it presents pharmaceutical companies with various challenges apropos of data management, integration, and security. Recognizing the need to help organizations in their research and development (R&D) and lab informatics, IDBS, a global provider of advanced software solutions, rises to the challenge by providing cloud-based R&D data management solutions. With over 28 years of experience, the UK-headquartered company has developed two major proprietary platforms—ActivityBase and The E-WorkBook Cloud. “Our solutions help organizations integrate data and processes across every stage of the drug discovery and development procedure, be it identification or manufacturing, supporting all disciplines involved—chemistry, biology, and analytical—in both validated and non-validated environments,” says Paul Denny-Gouldson, VP, Strategic Solutions, IDBS.

ActivityBase is a data management screening platform that enables businesses to capture, aggregate, and analyze data, decisions, and intellectual property (IP) to support R&D. The platform primarily focuses on high-throughput screening to easily track and manage results gleaned from research. Similarly, the IDBS E-WorkBook Cloud is a SaaS platform that combines the functionality of lab-based informatics solutions, such as electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and laboratory information management systems (LIMS), to support data management and research needs. It allows for faster and much better content tracking, record keeping, report generation, and protection of IP, providing scientists more time for R&D.
“IDBS’ uniqueness lies in its ability to provide a synoptic view of the day-to-day data collected from disparate sources, in the form of sequential, clear-cut, fully audit-trailed records. These records show all of the research tasks conducted along with the ability to see when, where, by whom, and under what conditions the information was captured and help scientists make well-informed decisions,” adds Denny-Gouldson. Additionally, E-WorkBook ELN is a versatile search engine that complies with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, is highly flexible, and facilitates easy content tracking and seamless implementation of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) procedures.

Two other factors truly differentiate IDBS in the market: their ability to scale to the enterprise level and their deep domain experience. “There are umpteen technologies and software infrastructure out there, but they do not offer the required scalability. Our software provides the ability to scale up to tens of thousands of users,” says Denny-Gouldson. Additionally, the company also spends adequate time in understanding their customers’ problems, requirements, and workflows and then provides apt solutions. Another major area that IDBS focuses on is bioanalysis. IDBS’ E-WorkBook for Bioanalysis solution is a suite of interconnected workflows that support small and large molecule bioanalysis. “Bioanalytical labs are under huge pressure to reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare a study report,” states Denny-Gouldson. Using IDBS’ E-WorkBook, labs can reduce the cost as well as the time it takes for them to prepare and deliver reports by 50-65 percent.

IDBS’ partnership with ChemAxon, a provider of software and services that extend the value of informatics to modern R&D processes, has added on to IDBS’ ability to provide best-of-breed solutions for both their scientists and customers. Moving forward, IDBS will continue to focus on pre-clinical and biologics development. The company is also working on leveraging emerging technologies like AI, ML, and big data to provide better integration capabilities, streamline and automate scientist workflows, and extend their services to industries like food and beverage, oil and gas, fast-moving consumer goods, energy, and agriculture. “We will continue to establish partnerships with leading technology providers to ensure we develop and deliver top-notch solutions that meet the needs of scientists, customers, and other organizations,” concludes Denny-Gouldson.
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