MedNet Solutions: Delivering Feature-Rich and Scalable E-Clinical Solutions

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MedNet Solutions: Delivering Feature-Rich and Scalable E-Clinical Solutions

CIO VendorRichard Murg, Chief Revenue Officer
The highly commoditized e-clinical solutions marketplace is replete with a multitude of vendors who provide products that perform similar tasks. With minor variances made in every release, most are unsuccessful in rolling out a single competent and comprehensive solution, and each of the individual solutions consists of separate databases that require integration. Furthermore, large technology and data management companies have historically dominated the market with comprehensive, yet less flexible and more costly solutions. All these impediments formed the genesis of MedNet Solutions, an avant-garde cloud-based technology innovator that delivers a complete suite of feature-rich and scalable e-clinical tools for the universal life sciences arena. “We offer a flexible product that is agile and bends according to the needs of researchers rather than making the study bend to the requirements of the software,” says Richard Murg, Chief Revenue Officer of MedNet Solutions. “Our service delivery is unparalleled, and we provide exceptional resources and high value, as our team is comprised of dedicated individuals with industry expertise.”

The company’s flagship product, iMedNet is a powerful SaaS-based clinical research platform that can mold to any research requisite and help users build and configure studies affordably by themselves. Every clinical trial utilizes several different systems such as the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) which is the core and hub of all the clinical information. There is the Interactive Response Technology (IRT) that randomizes subjects and manages drug shipments. The Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) is yet another functionality that governs all the activities within and across the studies allowing management to monitor progress.
For the larger vendors, these are offered as three integrated, but disparate systems, and small firms may provide only one component of the eClinical solution. In such cases, data resides in discrete databases that need to be programmed and maintained which demands more resources and escalates the cost. MedNet provides one complete solution stack that can be set up within days and it streamlines the entire clinical trial process, saving time and improving the eClinical experience for their customers.

An infectious disease clinical sponsor conducting their preliminary research with a small staff was facing financial constraints while going through their initial rounds of funding. The customer required EDC, IRT, and CTMS and for that, they needed to partner with either three different vendors or with a single, but large vendor, with disparate integrated applications. In both these cases, the cost was exorbitant and more than they could afford. MedNet came to the aid by fulfilling all their requirements and utilized one project manager to put together the entire cost-effective solution.

We offer a flexible product that is agile and bends according to the needs of researchers rather than making the study bend to the requirements of the software

Having recently secured a round of funding, MedNet is currently enhancing the web services component of their product to enable communication with business systems in autonomous ways. It will have the capability to integrate with every major clinical system like an electronic master file, pharmacovigilance, and EHR. There are also plans to introduce new services including an enhanced ePRO, payments and risk-based monitoring, and MedNet is investing its capital wisely to accomplish all its future endeavors. “Our solutions are going to play an interoperable part in the entire e-clinical universe,” says Murg. “We are looking at leveraging Amazon Web Services in multiple continents to serve the data storage needs of our customers across the world.”
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