ProcessPro: Simplifying Process Manufacturing with an Integrated ERP Platform

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ProcessPro: Simplifying Process Manufacturing with an Integrated ERP Platform

CIO VendorDaniel Erickson, Director of Product Strategy
When Ward Blaschko—Founder of ProcessPro, laid the foundation of his company, little did he know that thirty years down the line the company would expand nationally and evolve into a leading enterprise software solution provider. Recognizing a need for an integrated ERP system that caters specifically to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, ProcessPro designed a comprehensive software solution for manufacturers that combine batches of mixtures. The solution is crafted keeping in mind the unique needs of process manufacturing, from lot tracking to formulation management and regulatory compliance. “Since most ERP systems fall short when it comes to providing complete visibility, traceability, and security in manufacturing, our robust ERP tool—ProcessPro Premier—tackles mission critical business functions encompassing sales order entry, inventory management, and financial integration,” remarks Daniel Erickson, Director of Product Strategy, ProcessPro.

ProcessPro Premier not only provides security audit trails and electronic signature options to help pharmaceutical manufacturers comply with 21 CFR Part 11 but also offers fully integrated quality control. The solution addresses the critical needs of batch processing from planning and execution to sales. “ProcessPro Premier’s cradle-to-grave traceability delivers a comprehensive and accurate tracking of raw goods to finished products while maintaining utmost security,” says Erickson. ProcessPro Premier also assists in the extensive research of every package, delivering a fully tested standard that is accepted around the world to ensure reliability and consistency. In addition, the integration of ProcessPro’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) with ProcessPro Premier helps manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry achieve real-time inventory management capabilities.

In the case of 21st Century Healthcare—manufacturers of dietary supplements—the client desired a completely new ERP system. “The industry was experiencing increased regulatory requirements of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) documentation and the client needed a solution that would provide sound reporting standards,” states Erickson.

ProcessPro Premier’s cradle-to-grave traceability delivers a comprehensive and accurate tracking of raw goods to finished products while maintaining utmost security

Moreover, after experiencing extensive growth in a short span of time, 21st Century Healthcare was also looking for a solution that would support their large volume of product lines and hundreds of Stock Keeping Unit (SKUs). On implementing ProcessPro Premier, the client experienced immense control and added productivity across their day-to-day operations. They were able to fulfill accurate orders with real-time data and inventory counts which helped in improving customer service. ProcessPro also implemented software add-on applications such as Automated Warehouse Solution (AWS), Advanced Scheduler, and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) which resulted in enhanced visibility, efficiency, and control.

Always staying up to date with current technological advances, ProcessPro adopts a sense of urgency with regards to shifting market trends and places innovation in high regard. The company completely rejects the idea of “one size fits all” and develops their solutions after thorough understanding of the market, in line with a client’s requirement. Currently, the company is investing in external FDA consultants, which further expands ProcessPro’s innovation, skills, and capabilities.

Moving forward, the company plans on making their products more extensible delivering a competitive edge. “A glaring cause of concern in the market is the ability to connect to other software without experiencing penalties, and that will be our area of focus,” explains Erickson. Guided by decades of expertise and their industry-specific solution, ProcessPro is bound to maneuver through the highly complex and regulated world of pharmaceutical manufacturing with intelligent ERP for years to come.
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