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ProtoKinetics: Improving Clinical Trial Results with Digital Gait Analysis

Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Companies - 2019


The pharmaceutical industry has long been challenged with healthcare reforms, growing market demands, and stringent regulatory pressures. Evidently, the demand for reduced costs and enhanced transparency is increasing by the day among patients and regulators. To keep up with these challenging times, it is essential that the pharmaceutical industry adopts a proactive approach toward compliance and product safety while meeting market demands. In doing so, companies are increasingly embracing digitalization, unlocking numerous opportunities to drive efficiency.

From mobile communications, advanced analytics, the cloud, to the Internet of Things—top enterprise software companies in the pharmaceutical industry are bringing in a plethora of innovations. By experimenting with a wide range of digital initiatives, enterprise software companies are placing their winning wager on personalized care with the utilization of sensors and round-the-clock and customized digital services. Softwares are being developed to drive omnichannel conversations with physicians and patients, thereby boosting engagement. Besides deploying solutions for automation of processes to improve responsiveness and agility, pharmaceutical organizations are also reaping benefits of software for advanced analytics that can play an instrumental role to increase pipeline and commercial value.

The dynamic nature of the pharmaceutical industry has led Pharma Tech Outlook to compile a list of ‘top 10 enterprise software solution providers’, with an aim to guide enterprises in unleashing the true prospects of technology and solving modern challenges.

This annual list on enterprise software solution features companies like Riparian that offer a platform for helping biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers manage their price reporting and discount obligations with the government programs that provide coverage for their drugs. From advanced data collection, governance, and security to data management and storage, pharmaceutical organizations today are in dire need for a modern data management solution. In response to this requirement, Cambridge Semantics—an enterprise big data management and exploratory analytics software company—is guided by a mission to revolutionize the pharmaceutical landscape with a modern-day enterprise data fabric.

While pharmaceutical companies are increasingly adopting digital platforms, they often get weighed down by the use of numerous diverse platforms rather than focusing on what’s important—patient care. This is where Amplicare steps in to simplify the workflow of pharmacies so that they can invest more time catering to patients while enhancing their business growth. The company has devised a platform that provides data to help pharmacies streamline their workflows and ultimately take actions that positively affect patients and the business. That’s not all; the list also features game-changing players in the market like Protokinetics. As a leading developer of gait analysis and assessment systems, ProtoKinetics has delivered clinicians and researchers a number of innovative solutions for their studies. Those solutions cover a wide range of services, from the development of protocols to analytical reports that describe functional performance results with granular detail.

With several innovative technological capabilities and success stories up their sleeves, these software solution providers are constantly proving their mettle in the pharmaceutical industry. We hope this issue of the Pharma Tech Outlook helps you build a futuristic partnership with your clients to foster a technologically-driven environment.

We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Providers 2019

    Top Enterprise Software Solution Companies

  • Amplicare provides a revolutionary decision-automation platform that impacts the enterprise software implemented in pharmacies. The company intelligently creates opportunities for pharmacies and healthcare providers to improve and enhance the patient care. The offerings of the organization are very efficacious and cost-effective. The company has thousands of pharmacy subscribers and it helps to retain patients, improve the performance of pharmacies, expand revenue inputs, and enhances communications with patients to provide the best care to them as well. The company also brings in the aspect of personalization and relevance in the way of their patient approach and also helps reduce the investments and generate more profit for its clients

  • Cambridge Semantics, Inc. (CSI) leads the charge to help pharma companies establish a sound connection between their data, extract information, and remain competitive in the market with its Anzo® platform. Anzo serves as an architecture that binds the clients’ new and existing data infrastructures with what the company calls ‘a data discovery and integration layer.’ This discovery and integration layer is based on semantics with rich metadata that makes the information easy to understand, and a graph data model that connects the data, making it fast, flexible, and scalable across a business

  • As a leading developer of gait analysis and assessment systems, ProtoKinetics has delivered clinicians and researchers a number of innovative solutions for their studies. Those solutions cover a wide range of services, from the development of protocols to analytical reports that describe functional performance results with granular detail. Since its start in April 2012, ProtoKinetics’ core product, the Zeno Walkway System, has provided data and meaningful insights to help better understand gait function during clinical interventions at major hospitals and key research institutions. The Zeno Walkway can be deployed in minutes on any flat, hard surface

  • Riparian’s platform helps biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturers manage their price reporting and discount obligations with the government programs that provide coverage for their drugs. Riparian took a user-centric approach when designing its software, with the objective of providing advanced analysis capabilities to users coupled with the ability to derive powerful insights from their voluminous sales and discounts data. With Riparian’s software, Helix, any business user can configure much of the system using a series of highly-customizable and visually intuitive “building blocks” that guide a user through various approaches for smoothing lagged transactions, factoring discounts, and establishing the discount reallocation parameters and rules for “bundled sale” arrangements

  • Founded in 2013 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Zymergen integrates automation, machine learning, and genomics to rapidly accelerate the pace of scientific advancement. Zymergen treats the genome as a search space, leveraging machine learning to make discoveries far beyond the bounds of human intuition. In doing so, Zymergen deliver economic value, material diversity and performance capabilities previously impossible. Ever since its inception, Zymergen has genetically edited the DNA of some of the microbes successfully, helping their clients improve the efficiency and the time to market

  • Exostar


    Exostar was established by Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, Rolls-Royce and BAE Systems in 2000 and offers the Defense Industrial Base with stable cooperation and risk management alternatives. Exostar has been one of the prominent companies of Identity and Access Management Methods in the biosciences sector with over 150,000 organizations in over 150 nations. Exostar is the cloud medium of choice for collaborative alternatives as well as identification and access management expertise for secure organization and distribution network. Exostar forges strong links between people, innovations and partner associations

  • Freyr


    Freyr is a regulatory alternatives and services provider with a niche and full service. Promote, Large, Mid and Small Global Life Science Corporations (Medical device, Generic, Pharmaceuticals, Bioengineering, Bio-like, Consumer Healthcare, Cosmetics) throughout their Regulatory Value Chain; varying from Administrative Approach, Sophistication, Dossiers, Comments, etc. Freyr is among the few international businesses to have developed dedicated Centers of Excellence (CoEs) concentrating solely on the full Regulatory value chain backed by fast-growing worldwide teams of 600 + Administrative Experts. Freyr SUBMIT PRO is a comprehensive, smart eCTD software product for creating, validating, publicizing, viewing and investigating regulatory documentation for electronic entries to regulatory authorities by drug manufacturers

  • Golden Helix

    Golden Helix

    For more than two decades, Golden Helix has been providing industry-leading bioinformatics alternatives to advance life science studies and translational therapy. Revolutionary techniques and analytical services from Golden Helix empower researchers and healthcare practitioners at all levels to derive significance from the quickly growing amounts of microarray and next-generation sequencing genomic information. With solutions from Golden Helix, hundreds of the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotech, and scientific research associations are able to leverage the maximum potential of genomics to determine the cause of illness, strengthen drug effectiveness and security, create genomic diagnostics, and progress the quest for personalized medicine

  • RxVantage


    RxVantage transforms the manner doctors, and their employees are educated about the recent medical breakthroughs and technology, straight from the businesses that create them. Intelligently, RxVantage's applications link healthcare suppliers with the accurate life sciences professionals they need when they need it in a way that suits smoothly into their user experience. As a consequence, medical procedures can maintain doctors and employees up-to-date on contemporary therapeutic technology without paying precious time coordinating these instructional trips. RxVantage has enabled a multitude of instructional exchanges between healthcare suppliers, their employees, and professionals in life sciences

  • Sparta Systems

    Sparta Systems

    Established in 1994, Sparta is the world's leading supplier of quality management software for cloud and on-site maintenance. Sparta offers solutions, analytics and knowledge that accelerate adherence and performance. Their QMS solutions assist in reducing danger, boost effectiveness, and maintain customers secure while enabling producers, suppliers, and retailers to work together in a smooth, integrated ecosystem. Sparta, with corporate offices across Europe and Asia, is privately owned and headquartered in Hamilton N.J. Life science and medical device businesses, consumer goods, discrete production, and more depend on Sparta