Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Providers - 2018
Certara: A Game-Changer In Drug Development

Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Providers - 2018

The pharmaceutical industry for decades has been weighed down by the expenses associated with manufacturing, which increases the price of drugs exponentially and detrimentally impacts the growing patient population. Today, with technology reinforcing every facet of the pharmaceutical ecosystem, pharmaceutical organizations are readily adopting state-of-the-art enterprise software to reduce the cost of production and streamline the manufacturing process in line with the stringent regulations and compliance. Enterprise software is enabling companies to monitor and evaluate the documentation of research and clinical trials, the manufacturing process of quality drugs and medical instrumentation, billing management, and traceability across the supply chain and more. The cloud-based enterprise software brings forth scalability and efficiency in enabling seamless operation while ushering in cost-effectiveness.

Enterprise software’s utilization within the pharma ecosystem is decreasing the development time of drugs and facilitating the efficient organization of workflow and data management. Enterprise software providers are also researching on assimilating AI, machine learning, and automation to eliminate human intervention on a regular basis and garner crucial insights that accelerate time to market.

Today, the pharmaceutical landscape is flooded with myriad solutions and thus zeroing in on the right solution remains an uphill task for a CIO. To tread on the right path, Pharma Tech Outlook has become the torch bearer in the enterprise software landscape. Our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Pharma Tech Outlook has narrowed down the excellent providers that exhibit competence in delivering enterprise software solutions.

We have considered the vendor’s ability in building solutions and services that can effectively yet economically account for advanced and effective enterprise software offerings, keeping in mind the factor of time-focused delivery. We present to you Pharma Tech Outlook’s ‘Top 10 Enterprise Software Solution Providers - 2018.’

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Aspen Technology Offers asset optimization solution to reduce manual labor by automating record keeping and driving efficiency across drug manufacturing and supply chain operations
Certara Offers applications and service that span the process from drug discovery to pre-clinical and clinical testing that ensure that decisions are made with solid data
IDBS Develops and provides cloud-based solutions designed to meet the challenges of scientific and R&D data management
Infionic Offers a suite of information solution that caters to every phase of drug development, CRM integration, and R&D
MedNet Solutions Offers a complete cloud-based platform for e-clinical trials and electronic data solutions
NTM Consulting Services, Inc A full-service provider of intuitive research management software solutions for the Life Sciences industry
OpenText Offers enterprise information management solution on-premise or on the cloud to create intelligent insights into enterprise information
Riparian Helping businesses in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry comply with complex government pricing regulations
Sparta Systems Provides cloud and on-premise compliant management software to lower risk and improve efficiency
TikaMobile TikaMobile is transforming and optimizing sales processes for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and the entire life sciences industry